What is a smart water meter?

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With the growth of the population and the increase in the need for water resources, the optimal management of water consumption has become more important. One of the new tools for this purpose are smart water meters, which, using advanced technologies, provide the possibility of accurate management and monitoring of water consumption.

Definition of smart water meter

A smart water meter is a device that, in addition to measuring the amount of water consumed, collects and transmits accurate and comprehensive information about water consumption in real time and in different time frames. These meters are able to send information wirelessly to the data center and thus help to optimize water consumption.

Features and capabilities of the smart water meter

      • Accurate and instantaneous measurement: Smart meters can accurately and in the moment and send information to the central server.

      • Water leakage detection: These meters are able to detect water leaks and alert users or management.

      • Remote management: it is possible for users to view and manage water consumption through mobile applications or web portals.

      • Reporting and analysis of consumption: Using collected data, accurate and analytical reports of water consumption patterns can be provided.

    Advantages of using a smart water meter

        • Reducing water wastage: Water wastage can be prevented by quickly identifying leaks and problems in the network.

        • Optimizing consumption: Accurate consumption information helps users manage their water consumption and avoid wastage.

        • Reducing costs: by optimizing consumption and reducing water wastage, water related costs are reduced.

        • More accurate monitoring: the possibility of more accurate monitoring of water consumption in different areas and, as a result, better management of water resources.

      Technologies used in smart water meters

          • Wireless Communication: Various wireless technologies such as Lorawan, NB-Iot and Zigbee are used to send data.

          • Advanced sensors: Accurate sensors are used to measure water flow and detect leaks.

          • Data processing: using data processing algorithms to analyze and provide consumption reports.


        Smart water meters, as one of the new tools for managing water resources, can play an important role in optimizing consumption and reducing water wastage. Using this technology, not only consumers can manage their water consumption, but water and wastewater companies will also be able to manage water supply networks more efficiently. Wide spread and use of smart water meters can be an effective step towards the sustainable management of water resources.


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