what is alborz tavan goals

Alborz Tavan Goals

what is alborz tavan goals

Alborz Tavan Foundation Knowledge Group, a designer and manufacturer of smart meters in order to improve the quality of its products and comply with international standards and with the main goal of customer satisfaction and continuous improvement and with science, believing in humanity and believing in the future in line with the sustainable development and growth of the Islamic homeland has selected and implemented the quality management system based on the international standards ISO-9001-2015 and ISO-10002-2018 as a model.

Alborz Tavan Create

Alborz tavan Goals

Alborz Tavan company was formed in 2013 by a group of young inventors and elites in the core of research with the aim of optimal management and reduction of water consumption due to the crisis of water industries in Iran and the world. It started its activity with the use of experienced and committed forces. did Since 2013, the company has been established in the science and technology park by presenting the prototype of prepaid meters, and in 2017, it succeeded in obtaining knowledge-based approval from the vice president’s science and technology office.

Alborz tavan Goals
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Executive Projects

Alborz Tavan projects have been implemented in most parts of our dear country and this tells about the quality and innovation of our smart meters. We are trying to increase the quality of prepaid meters with our committed team and save our dear Iran from the crisis of water shortage. to save

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In today’s post-industrial world, successful organizations in the field of competition put creativity and innovation as their motto and consider flexibility in the face of environmental changes as a part of their business. Another key to success in the knowledge-based economy is human resources, which differentiate an organization from other organizations.

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With the Alborz Tavan application, you can easily see your micro-consumption and all other facilities

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