Investigating the Effectiveness of Using Smart Meters on the Water Crisis Caused by the Outbreak of Coronavirus

Place of publication: BI Management Studies - Allameh Tabatabai University Accept Date: 2021 Article code / Permalink to this article: 10.22054/ims.2021.54715.1800

The global crisis caused by the spread of the coronavirus has created new management scenarios in various economic and social sectors. In this study, by introducing smart water meters and examining their effectiveness in the process of remote reading of water consumption of subscribers, we seek to use the benefits of information technology solutions in the water industry to reduce or eliminate the risks of future crises. To do so and for the first time in the country by implementing of data obtained from nationwide projects as well as using paired t test, we will examine changes in water use before and after the implementation of smart household water meters and during the outbreak of the virus, according to which the positive impact of the deployment of such smart measuring equipment in the face of the water shortage crisis caused by the deployment of the virus has been confirmed.

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